About Fast Track Programs

Apart from the courses offered in association with Singhania University, Aqua Foundation is also offering various Certificate, Diploma and Post Diploma fast track courses through online learning mode, for candidates desirous of updating their skills while already pursuing a career. These courses are also open to foreign students. The offered courses are conducted in online learning mode coupled with practical field training on actual live projects.

This gives an opportunity even to already employed people to enhance their skill sets and have better growth options. The students of these courses are imparted theoretical and practical knowledge of all the related subjects.

The institute provides online support and field training. By enrolling in these courses a student can complete the studies in online learning mode, and by attending the field training for a specified duration. Due to very nature of subjects covered under these courses, it is emphasized that these are not pure distance learning courses, and do require field training as an important component.

The courses are offered by AQUA Foundation Academy which also remains examining and certifying institute for these courses.

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